July 22nd, 2016 by Christy Householder


District: District 04
County: Cass

This seminar is designed specifically for the leadership of fire departments staffed primarily by volunteers. Information provided is pertinent to Fire Chiefs, All Officers, Elected Officials, Training Officers and those interested in promoting into those positions. The information provided is designed to educate, inform and provide guidance for a successful organization.

 A variety of topics will be covered that include:

•   Resources and support.

•   Fire investigations, what to expect, how to request and what to do until an investigator arrives.

•   Legal duties and responsibilities.

•   Getting along with elected officials

•   Emergency operations support, resources, Mutual aid agreements

•   Grants, what is available, how to apply and what to request

•   Recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers

•   Is there a requirement by the board of firefighting personnel standards in education for an individual to be certified to the mandatory level before responding to emergency calls?

•   Is there a requirement by the board of firefighting personnel standards and education for a firefighter to attend so many sessions/hours of training annually?

•   Is there a requirement to be certified by the board at mandatory or firefighter one level before being allowed to participate in interior fire suppression operations?

•   Does OSHA require the employer to train the employees in the task they are expected to perform on the job?

•   One of the major reasons volunteers remain active on a department is that they like the people they are doing it with?

•   One of the major reasons a volunteer leaves the active roles of a department is because of conflict in the organization?

•   Does the state EMS commission require an individual to be certified at the emergency medical responder level or higher before engaging in patient care?

•   Does OSHA require officers to be trained to a higher level than firefighters?

•   Does the state fire marshal have the authority to discipline a fire department for not having regularly scheduled training?

•   In order to be successful at recruiting individuals to serve as a volunteer firefighters The department must express reasonable expectations?

•   Social activities are important component of retaining volunteer firefighters.

•   There is a state law that requires governmental body to provide accident and health insurance and workers compensation insurance.

•   In the event of a line of duty death for a volunteer firefighter the state has benefits.

•   One of the best methods of recruiting volunteers is word-of-mouth.

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